The 90 second mind hack to stop rising public speaking anxiety in its tracks


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Since working with public speaking anxiety clients in Harley Street, I've developed this collection of Five highly therapeutic mp3s specifically designed to address underlying stress & anxiety. Using this in conjunction with your free tips & techniques can dramatically boost their effectiveness. This Harley Street therapy can be yours for only £28.90


1. DO NOT LISTEN when driving or doing anything that needs your full attention as the suggestions & hypnotics contained in these tracks are too powerful.  

2. If you suffer or have suffered with Epilepsy, Bipolar Effective Disorder, Psychosis, Personality Disorder or Schizophrenia, then DO NOT BUY these mp3s as they may be unsuitable for your health condition. (Please feel free to contact me to find out which mp3s you might be able to use).  

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